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A bit of History

New Amsterdam was New York from 1609-1674. The Dutch love for tolerance, free enterprise, free trade, and freedom of religion soon became entwined into the Colonial psyche that set the foundation for the American spirit of 1776.

We set out to have a downtown Bar that would be a bit cooler, a bit more fun with classic cocktails and a fun vibe. Live music and a party atmosphere. A place to chill out, hang out and just be cool. We hope you enjoy our bill of fare, and will return often to our humble establishment.

About The Name

New Amsterdam started out as a working title. It came from the beginning of the Counting Crows tune called “Mr. Jones” I was down at the New Amsterdam staring at a yellow haired girl…

It seemed to fit the trick for the vibe so we stuck with it and used the lyrics of the song in the design of the place and the artwork-along  called Blue & Red & Black & Gray…

Other Albums play into the theme as well… Drink Heineken & Eat Candy-recorded at the Heineken theater in Amsterdam…Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings was Live from New York.

We try to stay in a New York state of mind with the 5 Boroughs of booze and our Manhattan and Martini adult beverages of love!

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